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Tester and Samples

Unfortunately no free testers and samples on stock!

Wichtiger Hinweis!

Due to AHAVA's changed export policy we are unable to deliver AHAVA products anymore. As replacement you may find the mineral care products, Dead Sea cosmetics as well and of the same quality. Thank you for your understanding! Remaining AHAVA-products only as long as our stock lasts!

As replacement we may offer you the following products:

LON Cosmetics

LON Cosmetics developed a series of care products on a scientific basis and labelled them „Dessert Spring“.

Dr. Melumad

Dr. Melumad offers a series of nature cosmetics labelled „Herbals“ and products like soap with Dead Sea minerals.

Intercosma Ltd. Israel — mineral care

The outstanding Mineral Care-Products have been improved and redesigned. The new products do not include paraben. Besides the unique Dead Sea minerals the products include natural antiphlogistic elements, hyaluronan and bernagioil, regulating the skin's natural humidity and preventing premature aging. An important new ingredient consists of algae extracts providing you with optimal hydration of the topmost layer of skin and making your skin look younger.

Achtung: In dieser Warengruppe sind noch keine Artikel vorhanden.