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Terms of Payment

Every single incoming order will be first checked manually and then synchronized with our stock. Is every item in stock and the method of payment clarified, your order will be dispatched as soon as possible.

For any item not in stock we will provide you with an estimated date of delivery via email. You may now choose to remove (or substitute) this item, have it forwarded separately or postpone the whole order until every item is available. Herewith we may ensure that you only pay for the items we may deliver in an appropriate amount of time.

Please keep the order confirmation, the invoice and every other document you may receive from us as documentation accessible.

Methods of payment for new customers

New customers may use the following methods of payment:

Methods of payment for registered customers with customer number

Registered customers, who ordered before and received a customer number, may choose between the following methods of payment:

Please inform us soon enough if your banking information or address changed.

Additional bonus credit

If your orders exceeded € 1000 within a calendar year (January to December) (excluding valid postage stamps, phonecards and price-bound books), you will receive an additional bonus credit of 3% at the end of the year.

For questions and suggestions feel free to contact us.